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Note: items in bold font are especially desired



Kitchen/Household Stuff

Royal Albert “Moonlight Roses”stuff:

          any serving dishes except the oval creamer/sugar tray

Denby “Imperial Blue” stuff:

Service platter (round)
medium platter (32cm)
coffee pot
1 pint (or larger size) jug
cake plate
4 egg cups

16-quart good quality stock pot
Henckels knives; Professional "S" series:    chef's knife (item #31021-310)


square-bladed utility knife
set of large size wrenches (I have up to 3/4 inch and 16 mm)

Computer Hardware, Software & Home Electronics

New York Times Touch Screen Crossword Puzzle PDA by Excalibur (this is available from but I've seen it cheaper in various mail-order catalogues)


For the list of CDs I want, click here

DVDs: (prefer widescreen editions, where there's a choice)

Air Force One

Blade Runner

Clear and Present Danger

Dante's Peak (DTS or Collectors Edition)

French Kiss



Saving Private Ryan

The Green Mile

The Usual Suspects


“Copperhead Snake on Dead Leaves” by Rockwell Kent (painting)
Bev Doolittle prints:  “Sacred Ground,” "Two More Indian Horses" (the horse thieves trio), "Pintos," "Wolves of the Crow"


“Woodstock” brand wind chimes; any/all octaves/sizes
any kind of artistic wind chimes
Seagull pewter picture frames (any/all sizes)


Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear (paperback)
Ironfire by David Ball

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