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Trip to Ontario, July 2006

Last Updated: 12/30/06


Alex, Joost and I traveled to Ontario at the beginning of July to visit the Hansen farm and also to visit Ottawa to see Sheila and her family.  We had a great time.  The weather was wonderful and Alex had tons of fun playing with his cousin Mark.  Cousins Elizabeth, Michael and Caroline also came for a visit so we had most of the cousins together again.
Our first full day at the farm (July 2nd), us big people (me, Joost, Christina, Bernt, and Elizabeth) were put to work digging a trench.  The purpose of this trench is to run cables from the newly-installed solar panels to the house.

As you can see, this picture was taken after much digging had been completed.

The digging crew:




Elizabeth (& Christina)
Plus myself and Grandma and Grandpa Hansen, of course.
The boys had lots of fun playing together.  They have matching shirts in this photo because Christina bought Canada Day shirts for both of them.  (And they have matching Boeing baseball caps too).
Here you can see the solar panels and where they are with respect to the house.  Elizabeth took this photo before the trench-digging started.  The trench was dug from the corner of the garage (bottom left of this photo) straight across the green space (which is the drain field for the septic system) to the house.  We had to be very careful when we were digging not to dig too deep and disturb the drain field.
Aren't they cute?  I have this picture printed and sitting here on my desk.
Later on that day, they decided to play in the wading pool.  They got this idea in their heads to run out in the field 50 yards or so and then run and jump into the pool.  I have no idea why they thought they needed such a long running start.  But they had lots of fun!
Mmm, what says 'summer' better than eating cantaloupe and sitting in the sun after playing in the pool?
Apparently there was some tree-climbing going on after the pool time.  Christina took these on her camera.

And some riding on the ATV with Grandma!
"Mom, I'm having such a great time here!  Can we stay here all the time?"
Later on Bernt took the boys fishing in the creek.  When they used real worms (dug up from the trench!) they caught quite a few fish.  It was pretty exciting.
Here's a fish that Alex caught:
The next day, we laid the cables in the trench and then filled it back in.  Here Alex is 'helping' by throwing some sand in the trench.
Here you can see the cable laid in the trench and the sand filled in on top of it.  I can't remember why there had to be sand but there it is.  We backfilled the dirt over the sand and then put the grass back on top.
Inge, Knut, Caroline and Michael arrived this day.  Caroline spent a lot of time watching over the boys, which was quite helpful.

Here they're "playing" croquet.

Not sure why Mark is upset but I think they were having fun.
Here they were playing in the sandpile under the supervision of cousin Michael.
Here Grandma was raking the hay.
Here they were looking at the cows with Caroline.  I think they may have been feeding the cows the day before.
A calf.  Elizabeth took this photo.
Here Grandpa was making round bales in the field that Grandma raked earlier.
Cool sky!
Boys on a hay bale.
A pile of cousins!
And here's everybody (except Mark, who's taking the photo).  This was taken on Christina's camera.
Feeding the chickens...
Fun with snakes!
Here we discovered that Alex is really good at puzzles.  He's working on a puzzle that's a map of Norway and the pieces are really odd shapes but he put it together really quickly.  And this is without being able to read the names of towns and stuff.
Alex and Grandma, fording a stream.
I thought this was a neat photo.
Digging for potatoes.  Can't get any fresher than that: garden to pot to table!

I just realized we forgot to bring that cup (in Alex's hand) home with us!


Most of the rest of my farm photos are of flowers and fields and fences and stuff that most people aren't very interested in, so I'll leave it at that for the farm photos.  We took one day to drive up to Ottawa and spend some time with Sheila and her family.  I don't know why I don't have any photos from that day.  Perhaps I forgot my camera?  We also went to Bernt & Christina's house for one night before flying home and I have a few photos from that day.


Ice cream!
Bed time!
And the trip home.

Normally when I hand the camera over to Alex the results are out of focus, poorly balanced, and/or over-exposed.  But he took this photo and I think it's a really great one.

So that's it for our trip.  It was a really good trip!

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