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Open Water Dive

Last Updated: 12/30/06



To become a certified Scuba diver, one takes several weeks of classroom instruction, followed by a practical 'exam' involving four dives over two days, which collectively is called the Open Water Dive.  Joost attended my Open Water and took some pictures with his camera so I'm including them here.  This all happened the weekend of August 13th, 2005.

So here I am in my rented 7-millimeter wetsuit.  I emphasize "rented" because the suit is smelly and gross.  We have to use 7-millimeter wet suits in Puget Sound because the water is so cold.  In contrast, when diving in tropical climates people wear 3-millimeter wetsuits or "shorties" (which have short pants and short sleeves), or some people just wear a thin suit that's like a body suit.

All my gear other than the wetsuit (buoyancy control device, dive computer, gloves, fins, octopus, mask and snorkel) are my own.  I also have a 3-mil wetsuit, and now I have a dry suit too, but we'll save that lovely outfit for another website update.

Here I'm giving the 'OK' sign as we get ready to enter the water.  On the left is my dive buddy, Mike.
These 7-mil wet suits are verrry sexy, let me tell ya.
This is me after the first day of testing.  I can't remember what skills they tested us on during the two dives but I must have done OK because I passed the course.

I don't think Joost took any photos on the second day.

After getting my Scuba license the plan was to go to Cozumel, Mexico in October.  Click here for Cozumel photos.

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