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My new Jetta:

Last Updated: 10/28/07


Jetta stuff:

I finally named her!  I apologize to everyone who provided suggestions because I came up with a name on my own: Loretta.  I think it suits her.  I also decided that she needed a personalized license plate so I have one:


With my daily 82-mile commute when I was working in Marysville, I was filling up Stella (my Subaru Forester) twice a week and it was a horrible experience!  She got approximately 26 mpg on the highway, which isn't bad, but I felt like all my money was going into the gas tank.  So I decided that I needed to buy something more fuel-efficient.  I investigated hybrids and small cars but in the end I decided a diesel engine was the best choice for me.  So I bought the "new" Volkswagen Jetta.  This is the new body style they introduced in mid-2005.  I purchased mine on July 4th.  I haven't named it yet, and am soliciting names.  If you've got a good one, email me with it!  It was getting approximately 50 mpg when I still commuting 82 miles per day on the highway.  Now it's getting a little less because I'm doing less highway driving.  But I really like it and I'm glad I bought it.


I even cleaned out my garage so I can park the car in there.  It's a very tight fit but it fits!  Better a tight fit in the garage than to have tree sap constantly dripping on it.

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