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Project: Fence Building

Last Updated: 12/30/06


Now that Alex is running, it is time to finish fencing the back yard.  The north and west sides are fenced already (see red lines in plan view below) - now we have to build a fence on the south side, and enclose the yard on the east side (where the house is).  To enclose the yard on the north side of the house I decided to put in a chunk of fence and a gate at the top of the hill (so this gate will be in the front yard).  To enclose the yard on the south side of the house the new south-side fence will be built to integrate with the deck, which is on the southwest corner of the house.  What do you think of my little diagram below?  I'm testing out new ways of adding features to this website.  To make this diagram I created the plan view in my 3D Home Architect software, printed it, scanned it, then played with the scanned image in Paintbrush to add text and coloured lines for the fences and terrace walls.  I didn't bother with dimensions when I was creating the plan in the architecture software so I don't think it's even remotely to scale, but it was fun to do.

Here is the "before" shot of the northeast corner of the house (top of the hill), where there will be two short sections of fence and a gate and arbour.  This area is immediately to the right of the new front garden.  In the past few weeks I've been cutting back that huge plum tree on the other side of the fence because it was growing over my roof and power lines.  On the ground there near Alex you can see some of the firewood I've created from the "pruning" of the plum tree.

Here is the same corner after installation of the fence and arbour posts.  I can't say I'm exactly pleased with the concrete work these guys did.  They didn't really get the tops of the footings flush with the ground, so I don't think grass is going to grow over them and they'll be ugly for time immemorial.

And here is the completed northeast corner fence!  I am quite pleased with this (except the concrete work).  Now I finally have a place to hide my ugly yard waste containers!  I want to grow a Jasmine vine on the section of lattice that is attached to the house, and I want to grow Crimson Glory Vine on the arbour.

Here is the "before" photo of the south side of the back yard.  This photo was taken from the deck.  You can sort of see the old white wire fence that's been separating the properties for years.  It's ugly (and now it's broken in a bunch of places where I had to cut it to prune back the neighbour's lilacs) and it will not hold a determined Alex in.

Here is the same shot after installation of the fence posts.

And here is the completed south side fence!

And now, integration of the south side fence with the deck, to enclose the back yard.  Here is the "before" photo.  We're going to build a section (with a gate in it) straight from the south side fence toward the stone wall at the bottom of this photo, then build a section parallel to the stone wall right up to the deck, in the top left of the photo.  [Isn't that Tasmanian Tree Fern glorious?!]

So, again, here are the fence posts.  And again, I am not happy with the concrete work.

And the finished fence:

And here are just a few more miscellaneous shots of the fence from different angles:

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