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Last Updated: 04/02/08

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Well it's obvious I haven't updated the website in awhile.  Frank has gone to a new home (holy cow, a rabbit is a LOT of work!  Who knew?!?).  Anyway, since Frank moved on, we felt there was a hole in our lives, so we needed another dog.  I decided I wanted another Italian Greyhound for Annie to have a buddy.  I went to the same breeder from whom Annie came, and got another little girl, who, it turns out, is Annie's niece.  But we call them "sisters" in our house.  I'm writing this in April 2008 but I've had Roxy since June 2007 and there are no photos of her!!  Time for an update!!


So here she is on her first day at our home.  Isn't she cute?

This is mid-June.

Here she is meeting Annie on Annie's "turf" (they had previously met at the breeder's house).

Roxy is about 4.5 months old here, and Annie turned 4 years old about a month and a half earlier.

I just like this photo:
Here she's in the kitchen begging for attention or food.
Here we have two happy, sunbathing dogs.

This is still June.

Here we have not one, but TWO couch potato dogs...

Roxy still has a lot of her baby fat at this point.

This photo is a little out of focus but it's so cute!  It was a cold day (still June, but cold nonetheless) and I don't have any small dog sweaters anymore (I think I sold Annie's puppy sweater at a garage sale, dumb me!), so we took an old Army sock and made it into a dog sweater!!
The typical pose of an Italian Greyhound trying to keep warm.
Another day, different weather.
Yes, Roxy is chewing on Annie's leg, and Annie is just watching her do so.
They get into the oddest positions:
Awww, ain't that cute?!
Another odd position together.  This is now September and Roxy has grown into Annie's smallest coat.  Well sort of: she's long enough but she's very scrawny so it doesn't cinch around her middle very well.
Here you can see Roxy is developing the classic greyhound shape (and losing her puppy plumpness) and developing her spots more.  Annie's body shape doesn't conform to the breed standard the way Roxy's does.

This is October.

A warm Nanna has developed two dogs:

This is at Christmas.

This nice red Christmas outfit was sent by Auntie Sheila.  She sent another knitted Christmasy one too, but it didn't fit either dog, unfortunately.
Where there is a fleece blanket, there are Italian Greyhounds:

This is January.

Here we were dog-sitting for a coworker.  This is Waffles!!

I think they were all waiting to be allowed to have their dinners, here.

Roxy has learned from Annie that sitting by the air vent in winter time is a good way to get warm.  This is February.

However, she sits in this odd way with her back feet on the back of the dog bed.

And yes, those are her ribs you see.  She's very scrawny.  I feed her more than Annie gets, even though she weighs 3lbs less than Annie (Annie: 11 lbs, Roxy: 8 lbs), and she stays this scrawny.


Annie, the normal dog, sits respectably.
And to finish up, I think this is a pretty neat photo.

I didn't set this up, they both just got up on the back of the couch on a sunny day and posed like this.


So, now you've all been introduced to Roxy!!  There will be more photos with time, but you're essentially caught up on her time with us so far.


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