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Last Updated: 04/01/08

Click here for "old" Annie photos
You may have noticed that 'Annie's Page' has been renamed to 'Pets Page' - this is because we now have a rabbit!  His name is Frank (named by Alex) and he's very cute.  He's brown and white and he has a perfect fleur-de-lis on his forehead.  Annie loves him (through cage wire).  Alex is thrilled with him but Frank is shy of people so Alex doesn't get to touch him very much.
I have not posted photos of Annie in a very long time, not since November 2004!  I will to rectify that in today's update.

She loves being cuddled up in blankets:

Here she is with Joost, and wearing her little colourful coat.
Christmas 2004 for Annie.  Here she's pulling stuff out of her stocking.
Here she is, looking very regal:
Here she was playing with Emma, the beagle next door.  Emma has since gone to a new home.
Here we're getting caught up on the year.  This photo was taken in November 2005.
This is at Christmas 2005, when my brother and Alex and I (and Annie) were all visiting my parents.  Annie isn't allowed in the living room at my parents' house, so Michael took pity on her and sat with her in the hallway when we were opening gifts in the living room.
Asleep in the sun.  What a life!
"My rash is all gone and I don't smell like mushrooms anymore.  So why are you giving me a bath?!!"
Finally, some Frank photos!!  This is the first day we had him.
He's a good size, as you can see.  He's about a year old.
Annie is completely in love with him.
See his fleur-de-lis?
Isn't he cute?

Here he's in his exercise cage (an eight-sided cage that can be set up anywhere).

That's it for the pets page for now.  Hopefully I'll do a better job at keeping it up to date.

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