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Last Updated: 10/13/08

This update brings us up to to end of August 2007 for Alex's photos.
Dog photos are still up-to-date as of February 2008.
I will post another update with more Alex photos (hopefully) in the near future!!

Photo taken February, 2008 by Yuen Lui Photography
 Alexander's Photo Album
(updated in October 2008 but only current as of August 2007)

Click on this image to be taken to Annie's page

Pets Page
(New photos as of April '08!!)


Sue's wishlist
 current as of April '08

Alex's wishlist
current as of April '08



Other stuff:

Ontario trip: under construction
[Aug 2008]

Pictures of our Home
[nothing new as of Oct 2008]



Ontario trip
[July 2006]

My car
[last photo June 2006]

Mexico Trip
[October 2005]

Open Water Dive
[August 2005] 

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